It has been so hard to get back to real life after spending Christmas in California. Here’s a small recap of Christmas 2017.


Kevin’s Birthday

Kevin and my birthday’s are two days apart and happen to be super close to Christmas. We actually arrived to California on his birthday and were able to spend it with the family.
We each got our own cake and I wore my new Star Wars pajamas.

Knotts Berry Farm California

Knotts Berry Farm Christmas

Knotts Berry Farm

Christmas at Knotts Berry Farm

Knotts Berry Farm Rides

Voyage To The Iron Reef Ride

Merry Go Round

Knott’s Berry Farm

One of the best things about Christmas in California is that the amusement parks are open all year long. It was actually a little cold that day which kept the park nice and empty. Turns out you can’t go on many rides during pregnancy so I kept it pretty low-key and hung out with baby Bradley while everyone else rode some high thrill rides in the morning. We all took photos with Snoopy and drank yummy hot cocoa. Voyage to the Iron Reef, Calico Mine Ride, and Merry Go Round are all safe choices during pregnancy. And Bradley went on his first amusement park ride. It was a super fun day and definitely makes me excited for the day I can ride roller coasters again. 😉

Huntington Beach

Huntington Beach

Spent the day at Huntington Beach and biked along the beach. Kevin and I had a tandem bike which was pretty awesome! I totally let him do all the hard work though. We went over a little bump on the bike and I literally screamed at Kevin to stop because it made me almost pee my pants haha. We also all got banzai bowls and I am obsessed with them. So good!

Redneck Ugly Sweaters

Ugly Christmas Sweater Redneck Verson

White Elephant Party

My in-laws throw a yearly White Elephant Party and this year they added an ugly sweater contest to it. Kevin and I went all out and decided on a redneck theme. We got a lot of good laughs from it. And obviously Kevin got first place!

Chrismas 2017

Christmas Day

Christmas Day is always magical, but I can’t even imagine how much more it will be next year with our little babe. We got a bunch of adorable baby clothes and a lot of them were Star Wars themed. I am so excited for him to wear them!

Bradley Baby Blessing

Baby Blessing

Bradley’s Baby Blessing

We were able to attend Bradley’s Blessing. He looked so cute in his white little suit. We just love this little guy!

Ruffle Tee Header

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