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Navy Ruffle Top by Lovely In Lace

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Ruffle Tees

This top just hit the shop and I am overly obsessed with it! I think it might be my favorite shirt we’ve ever carried. Thankfully, it has spandex in it so I was able to fit it over my (growing) bump. But seriously, one of the most comfortable shirts I have every worn and it has ruffles.
My dream combination!

Random Things

1. Halloween is my favorite holiday (besides Christmas, but honestly, who doesn’t love Christmas?) and I was super bummed by my lack of festivities through October. We went through one corn maze this year and that was about it. Also, we usually go trick-or-treating with my cousins, but they were sick. So guess who didn’t get free candy this year? Me. I am determined to make up for it next year with much more festivities and cups of pumpkin spice hot cocoa.

2. A few weeks ago we had a little car incident (I hate when those poles come out of no where) that resulted in a couple grand worth of cosmetic repairs. Then we were late renewing our car registration and had to pay for emissions. We’re adulting real hard over here.

3. I finally broke down and bought maternity jeans (I’m even wearing them in these photos!!!) and they are amazing. I seriously should have bought some sooner. Kevin’s worried I will even wear them after baby comes. 😉

4. Last Friday, we bing-watched Strangers Things 2 and now I’m upset I have to wait a whole year for the next one. Also, I’m totally Team Steve.

5. My house is pretty messy and I am just waiting for the nesting instincts to settle in and give me the motivation to organize it all.

6. This is the most comfy top I have ever worn and you can shop it here!

The Catalina Top Bow

It’s been a hot minute since I blogged, but I couldn’t resist talking about this top that just hit the shop. It’s one of my favorite tops that we’ve ever had on the site. This summer, I have been gravitating towards white and blue tones and this top has it all! The white linen material, […]

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Rose Gold Shoes Header

Outfit Details: BLACK SKIRT || ROSE GOLD TENNIS SHOES || METALLIC TOP || EMBROIDERED LEATHER JACKET || So by now you probably have noticed my absolute obsession with metallic sneakers. I blame it on the fact that I hardly ever wore tennis shoes growing up, so now I’m making up for lost time. I seriously […]

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Black Skirt Header

Outfit Details: SKIRT || BOOTIES || HAT || Everyone needs a skirt in their closet that can be styled to fit every occasion. This skirt does that for me. It is the perfect length, non sheer, has the cutest button detailing, elastic waist… need I say more? This skirt is one of my wardrobe essentials. […]

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Outfit Details: BLUSH RUFFLE TOP || STRIPED JACKET || BOOTIES || SIMILAR PURSE || Spring is in the air! This warm weather has me feeling rejuvenated and ready to freshen up my closet with this season’s newest trends. This spring, there are no new revolutionary style ideas that have been seen for the first time […]

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Three Ways To Style Embroider Jacket Header

You know that piece in your closet that when you put it on, you instantly feel like you can take on the world? That is what this jacket does for me. Seriously. When we were taking these photos I kept doing weird ninja moves and I just felt like a chic spy or something. Kevin […]

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Worth Buying An Apple Watch

I recently have been sporting the Rose Gold Apple Watch and let me tell you, it is much more than just arm candy. I’m self-employed and it has helped me stay more organized with clients, is perfect for working out, keeps my hands free, and much more! Today I wanted to talk about some of […]

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Outfit Details: FLORAL TOP I am so glad that it is finally the weekend. We are FINALLY getting some nice weather which I have been craving! This top is from my shop and I absolutely love it. It’s perfect for that in-between seasons stage we are in right now. The top is almost a sweater […]

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Outfit Details: CROCHET TOP Hey babes! Welcome to my new blog name, Lovely In Lace. I have been working on changing the name for awhile and I am so excited to have finally made the switch! As some of you may know, I also run my own clothing business, Shop Lovely In Lace and wanted […]

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I hope everyone is having a wonderful start to the week! This look was from back in December (how is it already February!!!). We went to see Moana, which I am sure everyone has seen by now, and it was seriously the perfect outfit for the weekend. Basically my Saturday uniform. The sneaker trend is […]

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