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When I saw these boots online I knew I had to have them! During my freshman year of college I went through a huge flower pants phase. They were honestly some of the only pants I ever wore to campus. Unfortunately, I grew up a little bit and realized I might need some adult jeans for the workplace and my floral jeans started to gather dust in the back of my closet.

So when I found these cute boots on an online boutique a few weeks ago, my floral love hit me full force. Sadly, the boots were sold out of my size and it practically broke my heart. I Googled like crazy trying to find the boots on other sites and I eventually found them on Amazon! They were a 1/3 of the price of the other stores and my feet did a happy dance as I ordered them.

They have now become my go to boot this spring! The weather in Utah lately has been miserable and these shoes keep my outfits feeling Springy (even while I am wearing sweaters). For these photos I paired them with a simple white top, but the boots would also look great with a chambray button down or a striped top for some fun pattern mixing. These boots will definitely keep me happy as I wait for warmer weather!