Three Ways To Style The Embroidered Jacket

You know that piece in your closet that when you put it on, you instantly feel like you can take on the world? That is what this jacket does for me. Seriously. When we were taking these photos I kept doing weird ninja moves and I just felt like a chic spy or something. Kevin thought I was nutso, but whatever. 😉

My aunt has an embroidery machine so I grew up having her add embroidery to literally everything in my closet. Every time my family visited I was armed with shirts and hoodies for her to add butterflies, flowers, my name, etc. It was a little out of control haha! So I feel right back in my element with this embroidery trend. It’s on shirts, accessories, jeans, even boots and sneakers! And guess what? I’m not complaining one bit!

When I saw this embroidered leather jacket I was instantly obsessed! I love the mix between feminine floral and edgy studs and leather. It definitely reflects my everyday style because I love pairing lace tops with combat boots, dresses with sneakers, camouflage print with a skirt, you get the picture.

I would wear it everyday if I could so I thought it would be fun to show off three ways to style the embroidered leather jacket.

How To Style A Leather Jacket

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Custom Embroidered Leather Jacket

Genuine Leather Jacket

Embroidered Leather Black Jacket

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Basic Tee and Sneakers

Hands down the easiest way to wear the leather jacket. Since it is spring I paired it with a blush pink top to keep it a little light. However, I also love wearing it with a basic striped tee. You could also trade the sneakers out for a pair of wedges or booties, but I love the look of a metallic sneaker. I have been living in these rose gold sneakers!

Ily Couture Jacket

How To Style Embroidered Tops

How To Style The Embroidered Jacket

Ily Couture Leather Jacket

Spring Dress

This is one of those outfits that I feel really represents my style. Cute dresses and combat boots have been one of my favorite combinations since high school. Adding the leather jacket gives it more of an edge, but the floral embroidery makes sure that it still balances out the masculine / feminine style of of the outfit.

Embroidered Floral Leather Jacket

Floral Embroidered Leather Jacket

Leather Jacket Outfit Ideas

Leather Jacket Style


The black jumpsuit makes it perfect for a night out with your man or some friends. I love how sleek it looks with a jacket. It would also look great with a cute pair of heels. What style is your favorite? Let me know!