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First Pregnancy 21 Weeks

21 Week Ultrasound Scan

21 Weeks Pregnant

I am officially over halfway through this pregnant! I can’t believe it! Right now I am in the middle of compiling everything from this pregnancy into a future post. How we found out I was pregnant again, surviving the first trimester (shudder), symptoms, and all that fun stuff… but for now, here is everything happening at 21 WEEKS PREGNANT.

Today was the big anatomy scan ultrasound. The sonographer counted his little fingers and toes, checked on his heart, brain, etc. and baby’s looking so good. He wasn’t wanting to hold still at all for the ultrasound so we were only able to catch his little face for a few seconds. But, he let out the cutest yawn and I melted. I also experienced some Braxton Hicks during it and it was so neat to see my uterus contract like that on the ultrasound. I can’t believe how big he is getting and wish I could speed up the next few months!

Now for all the fun stuff. 😉

BABY IS THE SIZE OF: A pomegranate! He weighs 14 ounces, I think. I can’t remember exactly what number the sonographer said.

Gender: BOY!

FOOD CRAVINGS: I have really been craving hearty food. Like tomato soup and grilled cheese sandwiches, clam chowder, broccoli cheese soup, etc. Also, anything with m&ms in it. I have been loving M&M McFlurries and have been wanting a caramel apple with m&ms on it so bad.

MATERNITY CLOTHES: So far no! My jeans still go all the way up but are super uncomfortable to button, so I need to start using the rubber band trick.

SLEEP: I slept AWFUL my first trimester. Between constant puking, nausea, and peeing every hour, I would toss and turn most of the night. Thankfully, I sleep amazing now! I am sure that will change as the baby continues to grow, but for now, I’m enjoying my sleep. Also, I heard that your dreams become more vivid when you’re pregnant and that definitely seems to be the case for me. I spend about ten minutes every morning telling Kevin about all my dreams I had the night before… I should probably start a dream journal because there’s probably a best selling novel in there somewhere.

MOVEMENT: Yes and it is the best feeling ever! I started feeling butterflies around fourteen weeks and the first little baby nudges at seventeen weeks. Now, he is kicking up a storm and it just makes everything seem so much more real! Like, there is an actual baby growing inside me!

MISS ANYTHING: Dr. Pepper. I will take some sips of soda from time to time, but I have been trying to stay away from very much caffeine.

AM I SHOWING: Apparently the baby sits way posterior because of my tilted cervix (tmi?) so my bump is still pretty small. However, a random lady at the post office asked when I was due so apparently I do look pregnant!

SYMPTOMS: Braxton Hicks off and on. My nose has been super runny even though I don’t have a cold. My back hurts when I walk very much. Even walking around the mall about kills me, and I love shopping soooo you know it’s bad. 😉

WEIGHT GAIN: I lost some weight during my first trimester and just got back up to my pre-pregnancy weight.

STRETCH MARKS: Not yet! However, I do have stretch marks from growth spurts as a kid so I am not terribly scared of them.

HAPPY OR MOODY: Lately I have been feeling a lot more emotional. I was playing a game with Kevin and some other friends and I ended up losing. This made me burst into tears and I couldn’t stop crying for a good five minutes.

LOOKING FORWARD TO: The Holidays and for baby to keep growing!