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How To Grow, Longer Healthy Hair

By a show of hands, how many of you have ever gotten your hair ruined at the beauty salon? I’m talking so damaged; your hair looked more like a failed science experiment than the cute pinterest style you had in mind.

This particular experience was my first and last time going to a beauty school to get my hair colored. Don’t let the cheap prices lure you in, you’re hair is worth more than saving a few bucks. The color was left in far too long; frying my hair the point it looked like dried straw that not even a fairy godmother could fix. A few tears, $100, and a pair of scissors later, I was left with short hair for the first time since elementary school. Not allowing myself to live with short hair any longer than I needed to, I immediately began scourging the Internet for any sign of a “magic hair-growing cure.” Believe me, I tried anything and everything to resuscitate my damaged, short, stubby hair. This ranged from rubbing coconut oil in my roots to performing a rain dance on a full moon.

So to save you all the trouble, I have compiled products that I’ve used and real techniques that will actually help your hair grow faster and healthier than ever before. (Don’t worry, no sacrificing a virgin over a volcano needed.)

The Hair Timeline

How To Grow Your Hair Long

{February 9, 2014}

The start of my ‘hair journey.’ On February 7th I went to a local beauty school. Kevin and I were newly married and I was trying to save money. I wanted to lighten up my hair and it ended up almost white and the texture of straw. Needless to say, the next day I went to a fancy salon and had them fix what they could. Some darker highlights were added and half a foot was chopped off. Most of the damaged hair was gone, but it was far from healthy.

How To Grow Long Hair

Grow Long Hair Quick

I tried to only put heat on my hair once a week, so my hair usually looked like this photo… ^^^

Grow Longer Healthier Hair

{October 22, 2014}

My Journey To Long Hair

{June 7, 2015}

How To Grow My Hair Longer Faster

{September 13, 2015}

Growing My Hair Journey

{February 27, 2016}

Tips To Grow Your Hair Longer

{April 13, 2016}

Magic Ways To Grow Hair Faster

{March 11, 2017}

Tips To Grow Long, Healthy Hair

It’s A 10. I have been using It’s A 10 Miracle Leave-In Product since junior high. I spray into my hair right after showering. It helps protect the hair from split ends, makes it silkier, and has some thermal protection in it.

Deep Condition. I use this restorative hair mask on my hair once every week. It works especially well for revitalizing hair and it smells amazing! It is pretty expensive but it lasts me an entire year.

Oil The Ends. Hair naturally produces oils, but it doesn’t reach the ends of your hair. This is why the ends of the hair can feel dry and fragile. I run a dime size amount of moroccan oil through the ends of my hair every night right before bed.

Say No To Heat. Right after the hair fiasco, my hair was delicate and very breakable. I was honestly scared to put any heat on my hair. My natural hair is weird and kinky, but I started limiting the use of heat tools to only once a week. It definitely didn’t look pretty everyday, but it was worth it. On the days I style my hair I always use this heat protectant spray. I also wash my hair in the evenings and let it air dry; eliminating the need for a hair dryer.

Wide Tooth Comb. Only use a wide tooth comb to brush your hair. You can use it right after showering so that your hair doesn’t get tangled and knotted. This one is my favorite.

Trim When Needed. I don’t schedule my hair cuts every two months apart or anything. However, when I start seeing scraggly ends and split ends, I get a trim. This usually ends up being about 2 – 3 times a year.

Limit Hair Dyeing. I am a lot more picky with who does my hair now. I learned the difficult way that it is not always worth trying to save a buck. Dyeing your hair is always going to cause some damage so I try to only go about twice a year. I have a slight balayage to my hair that allows the color to grow out without having nasty roots. My hairstylist, Tara specializes in coloring blondes.

Just Leave Your Hair Alone. Basically, don’t wash your hair everyday. I go days… sometimes (usually) a week between washing my hair. Is that gross? Maybe. However, this has helped my hair SO much. Washing your hair too often can leave it dry and strip the nourishment from the scalp. If it starts to feel a little greasy, I use a little bit of dry shampoo.

Myths That DO NOT Work. Now to the list of DONT’S. You most likely have heard one or a few of these from a co-worker, a family member, or your best friend.

  • Hair, Skin, & Nail Pills. This may work for some, but I saw no significant change with hair growth or strength.
  • Massaging my scalp while lying upside down. It’s as funny and sad as it sounds… I didn’t see any results; just a worried husband.
  • Coconut Oil. I tried heating it up and lathering it all over the top of my head. This left a weird filmy residue in my hair, caused excessive breakouts, and made my hair feeling greasy. If you want to use Coconut Oil, I would recommend using it only on the ends of your hair.
  • Monistat 7 (AKA Vaginal Cream). I started seeing this trend pop up in 2013 that supposedly helped hair grow faster. However, a lot of individuals online have reported an increase in shedding and headaches. There are no medical journals or studies I’ve found to support Monistat 7 for hair growth. I didn’t try it and neither should you.
  • And that’s it! Those are my top tips for growing hair long and healthy. Right after my hair was cut short I searched all over the internet for magic fixes to make my hair grow faster. It is a lengthy process (get it) but it will grow out eventually! The best advice I can give is to use the tips I gave and try to enjoy having short hair for awhile. I definitely complained to Kevin about my hair all. the. time. But looking back, it was kind of fun to play around with shorter styles.

    Hair Products For Growing Long Hair

    Products: It’s A 10 || Hydrating Mask || Moroccan Oil || Wide Tooth Comb || Chi Iron Guard