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I am so sorry for my lack of blogging lately! With the holiday weekend last week, it really through my schedule out of whack. I will definitely be better. Today I am sharing some pictures from Memorial Weekend. Kevin and I headed up to Twin Falls to spend time with some family and friends. It was such a blast!

We went and saw the new X-Men movie, spent time at a hot spring pool, canoed, visited a waterfall (pictures above), and watched base jumpers jump from Perrine Bridge. If you didn’t know, Twin Falls is one of the only legal places to base jump. Our group walked across the bridge and watched a bunch of people jump one after another. It was insane! I felt a little queasy just being on the bridge, let alone jumping!

My sister-in-law, Marinda, and I ditched our husbands to go shopping one night and it was much needed! Our style is pretty similar and we ended up buying matching watches and dresses (just in different colors). That happens about every time we are together! We practically have an entire closet full of matching clothes.

On Monday our group went canoeing and kayaking. It was definitely a good end to the trip! It ended up being pretty windy that day and my hat blew off into the river. The hat was my special Gryffindor hat that I bought at Harry Potter World a few months ago. I was so sad! And yes, it was lost in the Snake River so there were many jokes made about how the hat is now a Slytherin. (Sorry for the Harry Potter references if you don’t understand haha)

Anyway, the trip was an absolute blast! I was born and raised in Idaho so it is always fun to be back. I hope everyone had a wonderful Memorial Weekend!