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*To start, I am not a distributor or affiliated with LipSense in anyway. These are all colors I purchased myself.

By this point, you have most likely heard of LipSense and probably know a distributor… or 2… or 5. Basically everyone seems to be jumping on the LipSense wagon! But is it worth all the hype? For me it is and let me tell you why!

-It doesn’t smear or transfer. This is basically their top selling point. I am not a very fussy person when it comes to makeup so I love that I can put it on and not worry about touching it up throughout the day. Also, no stains on cups.

-Kiss away! It does’t leave kiss marks on your husband and baby which I am sure they will appreciate.

– My lips stay moisturized. Living in Utah my lips are constantly chapped and the gloss helps keep them nourished without drying them out.

-There are a ton of colors so it is easy to swap out your favorite lipstick for LipSense while still being able to wear a similar color.

LipSense can be a little pricy, so I made sure to research each color before purchasing. So here is my the list of colors that I currently have and colors that I would like to add to my collection. I realize the majority of my colors are more nude tones, so I will definitely be adding a few brighter colors to my collection in the future!

Must Have LipSense Colors
Outfit Details: STRIPED TOP

Pink Champagne: This is the perfect neutral, pink color.

Occasion- This color works for everyday wear. It just adds a little extra pink to your lips. I personally like to wear Pink Champagne on top of the other colors to lighten up some of the darker or more vibrant colors.

Bella: This color is one of my latest purchases and I love how dark it is! I usually stray away from the darker shades but I am glad I took the chance on this one. (I think this is one of the most popular colors right now too!)

Occasion- Bella is my go-to color for date night. It’s a more sexy, bold color that gives any outfit a more mature feel. Try wearing it with a leather jacket or a black lace top for a night out with your man or girlfriends.

Apple Cider: Where to begin? Apple Cider is that perfect peachy-pink color that is really in right now. It gives your lips that sun-kissed look that lasts all day. Besides First Love, I probably wear this shade the most.

Occasion- Apple Cider is a girly shade that works for every occasion without having to try too hard. It pairs perfectly with pastels for an easy transition into Spring.

First Love: My very first LipSense purchase and it is amazing! I love the nude color and is my most worn out of them all! If you are thinking of trying LipSense out, I would definitely recommend starting with this one because it’s a true nude.

Occasion- First Love is that perfect nude that works with everything. I love wearing it for a fun lunch date or a day in the office.

Kiss For A Cause: One of my friends actually gave me this color because she didn’t like how bright it looked on her. I definitely fall into the category where I prefer more nude tones, but it is fun to wear from time to time. As a helpful hint, a brighter, bold color makes your lips pop in photos.

Occasion- When you want to feel like a real-life Barbie. Ha but for real, it is a bold choice that can be fun!

Currently Craving: Sheer Berry, Bombshell, Aussie Rose, & Rose Berry

FUN FACT. Kevin’s favorite color on me is Apple Cider. Be sure to let me know if you like LipSense and what your favorite must-have colors are!