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Our Little Rainbow

Now that I’m less than a month out from my due date, I figured it was about time to write about finding out I was pregnant. At this point, it’s more for me to remember than anything else. So I’m sorry for the length of this post!

Towards the end of April I went through a miscarriage. You can read more about it here. It was heartbreaking for both Kevin and I. But we knew we definitely wanted to try again as soon as we could. My doctor advised to wait one cycle and then try again.

It truly is amazing how quickly the body heals. It took a few weeks to feel like my old self following the D&C, but soon I felt so much better. Thankfully my body is pretty good at regulating itself and it didn’t take long before I was tracking my ovulation again. I cried the first time taking an ovulation test just because I couldn’t believe I had to go through the whole process again.

Kevin and I had a trip planned for California during the middle of June. It was the perfect escape from reality! We ate way too much food, spent time with family, went to Catalina Island, had a baby shower for Marinda, and much more. By the end of the trip I felt a little off. I just remember feeling soooo tired. I wondered if there was a chance I could be pregnant already, but I tried to push off the feeling. The two week wait is a total mind game and I didn’t want to get my hopes up.

Once we were back home I continued to feel exhausted. I was trying to hold off taking a test because it was still early, but my curiosity got the better of me. During the middle of the night I ended up taking one. The faintest second line appeared immediately. I was shocked, but not entirely sure if it was actually there or not.

I was going to keep the test results to myself for a few days because I didn’t want to get Kevin’s hopes up. But, I’m the worst at keeping secrets from him so I showed him the test first thing in the morning. He couldn’t even really tell if it was positive or not and said to wait a few days.

Basically the next few days went by so sloooow. We were out of tests so I made Kevin go with me to get some more. I literally ran to the bathroom once we got home to take one. After I took the test, I quickly covered it with a tissue because I was terrified to look. Once I finally did, there was a distinct second sign.

Marinda was staying with us and was right out side the door. I started screaming that the test was positive and we were both jumping up and down. Kevin ran down, probably thinking we had lost our minds, but got so excited when he saw the test. We ended up calling both our parents immediately. We were all on cloud nine.

The next day the anxiety really started kicking in. What if this baby doesn’t have a heartbeat? What if I miscarry again? I went to the doctor to have my levels checked at four and a half weeks and they were super high, which was such a blessing. I also took progesterone every night along with my prenatal and a baby aspirin.

I scheduled an appointment at seven weeks to verify that there was a heartbeat. The doctor was running late so we ended up spending a good twenty minutes in the exam room waiting. It also happened to be the same room we had found out there was no heartbeat the last time around. Needless to say, those twenty minutes were terrifying. When we finally heard the heartbeat on the ultrasound, I couldn’t stop crying. Hands down the best sound I’ve ever heard in my life.

This pregnancy has been amazing (besides the terrible morning sickness and my sciatic pain). I did spend every doctors appointment anxious that they wouldn’t find a heartbeat. I got a fetal doppler to help keep my sanity during those first few months. Going a month between appointments is way too long. It was such a relief when I started feeling him move around in there.


July 14th – Fist time hearing the baby’s heartbeat.

September 12th – I felt the baby for the first time! There were the sweetest little bubble feelings coming from my uterus.

September 19th – Found out we were expecting a boy!

September September 24th – I was washing dishes and kept thinking I was bumping my belly against the sink. Only to look down and see that there was a few inches between the two. It turns out, those little nudges were coming from the inside! I have been feeling those sweet nudges ever since. Now they’re just quite a bit more painful… haha.

Light Second Line Pregnancy Test

Barely there second line test

Heartbeat at 7 Weeks

His sweet little heartbeat at 7 weeks

First Trimester

Bloat or baby bump?

Sister Pregnancies

39 weeks and 15 weeks. So fun being pregnant together for a little while!

20 Week Bump

Hit the halfway point