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I had a few questions about the swimsuit I posted on this blog post, so I thought I would share! I was honestly a little embarrassed and self-conscious taking these photos because my body is definitely not as toned as I would like it to be, but that’s okay! I found this swimsuit a few months ago and was so excited for summer to finally get here to wear it. It is really difficult for me to find swimsuits that fit me right and this one is perfect! I love the cutout sides and the high-neckline. I feel like it shows the right amount of skin while still feeling modest.

Growing up, I always had the hardest time finding one-pieces that I considered ‘cute’. I remember thinking how there were so many cute two-piece designs and that the one-pieces looked like my grandma’s (no offense grandma). Now, I feel like I can’t get enough of one-pieces. There are so many fun styles out there!