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Ruffle Tees

Ruffle Boutique Tops

Navy Ruffle Top by Lovely In Lace

Outfit Details: RUFFLE TOP || BOOTIES ||

Ruffle Tees

This top just hit the shop and I am overly obsessed with it! I think it might be my favorite shirt we’ve ever carried. Thankfully, it has spandex in it so I was able to fit it over my (growing) bump. But seriously, one of the most comfortable shirts I have every worn and it has ruffles.
My dream combination!

Random Things

1. Halloween is my favorite holiday (besides Christmas, but honestly, who doesn’t love Christmas?) and I was super bummed by my lack of festivities through October. We went through one corn maze this year and that was about it. Also, we usually go trick-or-treating with my cousins, but they were sick. So guess who didn’t get free candy this year? Me. I am determined to make up for it next year with much more festivities and cups of pumpkin spice hot cocoa.

2. A few weeks ago we had a little car incident (I hate when those poles come out of no where) that resulted in a couple grand worth of cosmetic repairs. Then we were late renewing our car registration and had to pay for emissions. We’re adulting real hard over here.

3. I finally broke down and bought maternity jeans (I’m even wearing them in these photos!!!) and they are amazing. I seriously should have bought some sooner. Kevin’s worried I will even wear them after baby comes. 😉

4. Last Friday, we bing-watched Strangers Things 2 and now I’m upset I have to wait a whole year for the next one. Also, I’m totally Team Steve.

5. My house is pretty messy and I am just waiting for the nesting instincts to settle in and give me the motivation to organize it all.

6. This is the most comfy top I have ever worn and you can shop it here!