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First of all, thank you for all the sweet comments about my new shop! Kevin and I are so grateful for all of the support. I am so so happy to report that it is FINALLY OPEN!! You can shop it here.

Now on to today’s post. Kevin and I were in Canada a few weeks ago and spent a day in Waterton Lakes National Park. It is definitely a photographer’s dream and Kevin was in heaven! We ended up renting mopeds for a few hours, which was the perfect way to get around the town. There is a gorgeous canyon in the park that we drove through. We ended up pulling over because there was a black bear right on the side of the road. It was super cool to watch him eat berries and Kevin quickly grabbed his camera to capture a few photos.

During all the craziness of seeing a bear, I ended up pushing the kill switch(?) on my moped. Once the bear had left the area, Kevin and I got ready to keep driving up the canyon and my moped wouldn’t start. Kevin ended up leaving me to drive a little further up to try to get cell service to call for help. I was left stranded on the side of the road hoping that the bear didn’t come back and eat me haha. Kevin was able to get through to the rental company and they walked him through how to get my bike to start. Luckily, the bear didn’t come back and we were able to keep exploring!

This striped top was perfect for a day cruising around Waterton. When I’m traveling, I try to pack only staple pieces that are easy to mix and match with. I recently learned about Shop Sevan and am OBSESSED with their cute little store. They are a husband and wife owned boutique and ‘Sevan’ is their combined, couple name. Isn’t that so cute! When Kevin and I were dating, his brother called us “Kevi-lona,” which isn’t so cute.

Shop Sevan is full of those ‘staple’ pieces that everyone needs in their wardrobe. I am obsessed with this dress and this embroidered top. Be sure to check them out! Thanks so much for reading. -xoxo