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Lovely In Lace Utah Blog
Outfit Details: CROCHET TOP

Hey babes! Welcome to my new blog name, Lovely In Lace. I have been working on changing the name for awhile and I am so excited to have finally made the switch! As some of you may know, I also run my own clothing business, Shop Lovely In Lace and wanted to integrate my blog and shop names together. I will still be focusing mainly on fashion, beauty, and hair tips, but will occasionally throw in some aspects of my business as well.

With that being said, I have finally sat down and made myself a blogging schedule. Yes, I am telling you on here to keep myself accountable. There will be new, fresh content on the blog every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. I will also be continuing the ‘Three Ways To Style’ series one (or two) Friday’s a month.

Thank you so much for following along and don’t forget to check back in on Wednesday!