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Summer is almost here and people I know are getting engaged right and left. I have had a few questions from friends asking for tips and advice on what to wear for engagements so I thought I would share on here! It was fun dressing up with Kevin and taking a few photos together. It has been over three years since we took engagements together so it was fun to reminisce!

P.S. I do recommend seeing if your photographer allows for a few outfit changes. It is nice to get photos in both formal and casual attire to switch things up. For this shoot, we just used a tripod 😉

Dressing Tips For Engagement Photos:

1. Go for coordinating, not matchy-matchy. To achieve this, it is best to choose colors in the same color palette. Since it is June, I chose grey and light-blue tones for that summer feel. I also love white and blush combinations. For fall, you may want to include warmer tones, such as maroon and olive.

2. Don’t forget about the third piece. You can wear a hat, necklace, vest, cardigan, jacket, or kimono. Adding the third-piece really completes the outfit. Since it is super warm out now, I opted for a light-weight kimono that adds interest to the outfit without being too hot. For your man, a nice button down or polo are perfect for these summer months. He could also add a nice watch.

3. Keep it effortless. If you love wearing dresses, wear a dress! If your fiancé isn’t comfortable in a tie, don’t make him wear a tie. For instance, I’m not comfortable in heels, so I just wore a pair of sandals for these engagement shots. Your engagement photos will look more natural and authentic if you are both comfortable in what you are wearing.

There you have it, my biggest outfit tips for engagement photos! Have a great weekend!! -xoxo