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Rose Gold Apple Watch

I recently have been sporting the Rose Gold Apple Watch and let me tell you, it is much more than just arm candy. I’m self-employed and it has helped me stay more organized with clients, is perfect for working out, keeps my hands free, and much more! Today I wanted to talk about some of the Apple Watch features and how I use them in my life.

Customizable For What’s Important To You

You can set up your Apple Watch with widgets that are most important to you. There are many front screen “faces” that you can choose from. I personally like the “modular” face that tells me the time, the weather, my phone app, messages, and my time clock.

Easy To Control Your Phone In The Car

I spend a lot of time driving in the car. I’m driving between offices, meeting with clients, or just going through day-to-day life. While having my phone in my pocket, I can search through my music library, switch Pandora, and most importantly pick up my phone and answer texts; all without taking my eyes off the road. This is very helpful whenever my husband is driving the company vehicles that don’t have Bluetooth. In businesses where answering the phone at any moment is a must, the Apple Watch excels.

I can also navigate using Apple Maps directly on your watch. This is a feature I find the most helpful since I am directionally challenged. The watch vibrates and pings to let you know your next turn. You can also look at the watch and it will tell you how far you are to your next turn. You can also turn on the map to see yourself in street view if you so desire.

Never Miss A Text, Call, Or Email

There are many smart watches out there, for a fraction of the price, that can alert you to new text messages and calls, but none of them allow you to reply and answer directly from the watch.

Integrated with speakers and microphones, you can reply quickly with “speak-to-text” and answer the phone directly through the watch. I use this feature daily trying to run my own business and would be incredibly valuable for anyone running their own business as well. Gone are the days of missing a potential client’s text or phone call.

This has been helpful as well when my hands are full, busy shopping, or instances I can’t find my phone in my purse. My husband is a photographer and videographer and constantly throughout the day has his big camera rig in his hands. Now he can answer a client’s call no matter if his hands are full.

I also have a tendency of placing my phone down around the house and missing important calls from work or my husband. This occurs almost daily. The Apple Watch connects to your phone through Bluetooth and I can be anywhere in the house without being close to my phone. Now my husband is happier because I now answers his calls and so is my boss.

Lets You Be Connected To Your Devices Right From Your Wrist

I sometimes need to give presentations for clients and the Apple Watch gives an added convenience. The Apple Watch can act as a power point remote for your Macbook computer and gives you the freedom to walk around without the need of another device. While I’m at home and I can’t find the Apple TV remote, the remote app on the Apple Watch instantly can control your Apple TV.

Another way I can stay connected is my video doorbell alerts my watch when someone is at the door. Depending on which doorbell you have, you can even view who’s at the door straight from your watch. This helps tremendously since I’m frequently expecting shipments of inventory and Amazon packages for work.

You Can Wirelessly Find Your iPhone When Misplaced

I have a tendency of losing my phone in the couch cushion, wrapped in the bedroom sheets, placed on a random counter, or left under books and papers. Pretty sure I’m not the only one. Even if your phone is on silent, with a swipe of your finger your phone sends of a ‘ping’ sound effect. This is good because it helps me find my phone without disturbing others around me. I know this is not exclusive to the Apple Watch, but it’s been a helpful feature none the less.

Never Need To Bring Your Phone To The Gym Again

Gone are the days of having to carry your MP3 player, iPod, or iPhone with you to the gym. The current Apple Watch has 2 gigs of storage space to store your workout playlist. Simply create a playlist on your iPhone and wirelessly send you playlist to the watch. Then turn on your Bluetooth headphones and you can listen to your music free from full pockets and arm bands.

Apple Watch Series 2 Has Built In GPS For Exercising

This has been the perfect workout buddy. Before the Apple Watch, you would need to carry your large phone with battery draining apps, purchase a Garmin GPS device, a heart rate monitor, and many endless devices to track your workout. Most of these extra devices are very expensive. You no longer need any of those. The series 2 has a separate GPS built into the watch, so at the flick of your wrist, you can see your overall time, splits, miles, calories, and your heart rate. What I like is that the battery drain on the watch is very minimal during GPS mode. The watch is a perfect companion for biking as well and can be used for stationary exercises as well.

If you have the series 2, you can even track your laps in open water or swimming pool. So that brings me to my next point.

The Series 2 Is Waterproof

Don’t be jumping in the pool right away with your Apple Watch. In order to have speakers and a working microphone, the Apple Watch series 2 in only splash proof in it’s everyday settings. However, with a quick press of a button, the speakers seal themselves up and disable the touch functions. This way your touch screen won’t begin freaking out due to the conductivity of the water. Once activated, you can now cannon ball to your hearts content. I use this feature whenever I go to my community pool and Jacuzzi. I can tell you I was very nervous submerging my watch for the first time.

If you are planning on swimming laps, start your workout and then waterproof your apple Watch.

Once you are done at the pool, rotate the side of the crown and the water is purged from the speakers and microphone.


One of the biggest complaints I heard with the Apple Watch Series 1 is the short battery life. Thankfully, the Series 2 has a much longer battery! I can go almost 2 days between charges, even with constant use.

If anyone is looking at purchasing an Apple Watch Series 2, I hope this helps! I was definitely hesitant about getting one at first, but it has helped me stay organized and on track. If you are an entrepreneur, athlete, self-employed, spending a lot of hours on the road, etc. this watch is definitely for you!

Apple Watch Series 2